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Listes des CPAM à PARFONDEVAL et sa region

The CPAM is responsible for managing health insurance for residents of its geographic area. It deals with healthcare reimbursements, management of policyholder rights, and access to healthcare.
One of the essential functions of the CPAM is to maintain close relationships with the health insurance public. This involves direct interaction with policyholders to inform them, advise them, and help them in their health insurance-related procedures.
For residents in France looking to locate the nearest CPAM, the site www.lescommunes.com can be a useful tool. This site makes it easy to find the CPAM in your department or locality, which is practical for carrying out administrative procedures or obtaining specific information.
The CPAM is therefore a central element of the health system in France, ensuring that citizens have access to effective health insurance and relevant information regarding their health coverage.

(*): Please note that telephone charges may apply.
PS: The site www.lescommunes.com has no direct link with CPAM. It simply allows you to connect to their website. It does not provide any services.
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