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List of the Public Treasury (tax service) on NEULLIAC (56300) and its region

Its fundamental mission is to collect taxes from individuals and businesses. This includes income tax, VAT, local taxes, and other taxes and contributions.
In addition to collecting taxes, the Public Treasury is also responsible for managing the state treasury, which includes the payment of public expenditure and the management of public debt.
Services Offered to Citizens and Businesses:
The Treasury offers a variety of tax and financial services, such as processing tax returns, recovering unpaid debts, and providing tax information.
For residents and businesses in the MORBIHAN department, the site www.lescommunes.com can be used to locate the nearest tax service. This site offers a practical way to find local offices of the Public Treasury, which is useful for administrative procedures, tax consultations, or to obtain specific information.
In summary, the Public Treasury is a crucial entity in the French tax administration, ensuring the collection of taxes and the management of public finances, while providing essential services to citizens and businesses in tax matters.

(*): Please note that telephone charges may apply.
PS: The site www.lescommunes.com has no direct link with the Tresor Public. It simply allows you to to connect to their website. It does not provide any services.
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