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List of URSSAF service in PARIS 3EME ARRONDISSEMENT and its region

Main Missions:
Collection of Contributions and Social Contributions: URSSAF is responsible for the collection of contributions and social contributions which finance the general social security system. This includes contributions for health insurance, family allowances, old age insurance, and unemployment insurance.
Social Security Cash Management: URSSAF plays an important role in the financial management of social security, ensuring that the necessary funds are available for benefits and services.
Services for Businesses and Independents:
URSSAF provides essential services to employers and self-employed workers, particularly with regard to the calculation and payment of social security contributions.
For residents and businesses in the Finistère department, the site www.lescommunes.com offers a practical way to find the nearest URSSAF. This can be particularly useful for obtaining specific information, carrying out procedures related to social contributions, or for any consultation relating to social contributions.
In summary, URSSAF is an essential player in the social protection system in France, ensuring the efficient collection of social contributions and contributing to the financing of social security and family allowances.

(*): Please note that telephone charges may apply.
PS: The site www.lescommunes.com has no direct link with the URSSAF. It simply allows you to connect to their website. It does not provide any services.
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