Registration for the French elections

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The procedure for registering for elections in France and using the voter card is summarized as follows:
  • Voter Card: This is an official document attesting to the registration of a person on the electoral lists of their municipality.
  • Distribution: The card is sent to new voters the year following their registration. In some years, everyone registered receives a new card.

Use during the Election:
  • Mandatory Presentation: The card must be presented at the polling station on election day.
  • In case of Loss: If the card is no longer in the voter's possession, he or she can still vote by presenting a valid identity document.

This procedure ensures that registered citizens can participate in elections, even if they have lost or have not received their voter card, provided they have valid identification. This contributes to the fluidity of the electoral process and ensures the exercise of the right to vote. Registration procedures electoral lists (site

or contact the service by telephone
From France: at 39 39 from Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. (in France, 0.15 euros incl. tax/minute from a landline)
From abroad or outside mainland France: +33 (0) 1 73 60 39 39: only from a landline, at the cost of a call + cost of the international call which varies depending on the country and operators.

Compulsory registration

Every young French person who becomes an adult is automatically registered on the electoral lists.
The town hall informs the new voter of their registration by mail, without them taking any particular action.
If, however, their registration has not taken place, the young person can regularize their situation by contacting the the town hall or the district court.
Automatic registration concerns French people who have reached the age of 18 between March 1 and February 28 (or 29) of the following year.
In election years (general election), young people who became adults between March 1 of the year of the election and the day before the election (1st round) are eligible. also automatically registered.
à note: young people who become adults between 2 rounds of an election are not registered and therefore cannot participate in the election. this election.
The address taken into account for the young person's registration is the one which was given to them. indicated during the last census. If the young person wishes to be registered in another municipality, he must complete the voluntary registration formalities. It may happen that the young adult is not registered, this is the case for example, if the census formalities have not been completed. made, if the census was carried out done late or if the young person has changed; of address since its census. In these cases, the young person must proceed to voluntary registration before December 31 or contact the district court to request registration.

Voluntary registration

- Either by going to the Town Hall with the required documents,
- Either online Online registration on the electoral lists ( site)
- Request form
- Identity card or valid passport
- Proof of address:
- If it is your home: proof of address less than 3 months old.
- If it is your parents' home: certificate from the parent (on plain paper) certifying that you live with them + proof of address from the parent.
Updated Apart from a few special cases, to be able to vote, you must register before the end of the year preceding the election.
Principle: before December 31. It is possible to register for at any time of the year but you can only vote at any time of the year. from March 1 of the following year (after the annual revision of the electoral lists).
To be able to vote in 2020, you must register no later than December 31, 2019.
Special cases: registration in the year of the election. If you are in one of the following situations, you can register and vote the same year:
- Young person having reached the age of 18 between March 1 and election day,
- Moving for professional reasons and civil servant admitted to the retirement after January 1,
- Soldier returning home civil life after January 1,
- Acquisition of nationality French after January 1,

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